House of the Dragon’ maker reveals biggest challenge for S3

Ryan Condal is the showrunner of the House of the Dragon, and the biggest challenge he believes he will face for the upcoming season three is finding new storylines that fit into the “narrative explosions” of the show.

Explaining the term, he told Games Radar it has to do what the hit series is known for—like its original show, Game of Thrones—meaning an introduction of a shocking incident that aligns with the overall story’s arc.

“There’s a rhythm to all this, these kinds of stories as you tell them,” he noted. 

“And we’re trying to find satisfying arcs within the season structure. So, hopefully, you start with a bang, and then you build to another bang through the series, but you’re really trying to arc out the characters so that each season is a different experience for all of them,” Ryan continued.

“And then you leave them off all in a place where you can pick up with them next year, and then take them in a new direction, because you don’t want to end up in that place where you’re doing the same thing again and again.”

“So, that’s actually the biggest challenge, and then the narrative flare ups or the narrative explosions that come along with that are part and parcel with telling those stories,” he concluded.

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