Meghan Markle is harking back to her royal roots

Meghan Markle has reportedly been harking back to her royal roots and experts are convinced she’s taken a page from the Royal Family’s book during her recent public appearance.

This has been issued by a royal reporter based in London named Lauren Welch.

She touched base on everything in one of her pieces for Express UK.

In it she referenced Meghan Markle’s most recent public outing to a LA hospital for kids and branded her aura more royal than celeb.

So much so that she began highlighting it all by saying, “Everything from her outfit to the way she interacted with the children and their families mimics the role of a senior working royal.”

“The Duchess of Sussex did, however, shy away from displaying a typical form of royal protocol and hugged the children – all of whom appeared delighted by her visit.”

“It also differed greatly from her other visits of late where she’s headed to art galleries and stepped out with celebrities such as Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland and Hollywood actress Kerry Washington at a Beyonce gig,” she also added.

“It suggest Meghan is harking back to her royal roots and taking a leaf out of the Palace’s rule book,” she also added before signing off.

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