Kate Middleton warned about becoming future Queen of England

Kate Middleton has just been issued a dire warning about the future, now that she’s found herself on the receiving end of hate.

A senior Lecturer in Contemporary British History at Newcastle University, Dr Marin Farr issued these thoughts.

He weighed in on it all during one of his most recent interviews with Daily Express US.

There he highlighted the PR machine that’s keeping the monarchy relevant and even admitted, “People seem to want these things, they seem to want a monarch, and it works quite well, and it’s quite effective, and it’s quite savvy.”

“So that’s why these days, it’s quite an unusual mistake for them.”

After all there are a number of questions that could have arisen by now, whether that be “Why is it not controversial that we have a hereditary monarchy? Why is it the case, this extraordinary story about Kate…”

For those unversed with Dr Farr’s practices, he often emphasizes upon the old to help explain current day events.

One such instance where he brought the past to the forefront was while highlighting Queen Victoria’s reign.

At the time he said that reign was “the closest we came to a republic in this country was when Albert died, and Victoria went into mourning for years and was never seen, and that’s partly why Elizabeth II said, ‘I have to be seen to be believed.’”

In the eyes of Dr Farr, this thought is precisely why the monarchy survived during Queen Elizabeth’s rein, right alongside their ability to manage the media and have a very pliant media.

But right now “it’s less pliant now, and the more profound point is that it’s in their interest, like any institution’s interest, to survive.”

“The shift of reigns have been masterfully done, and the king’s reign was always going to be a short one, a transitional reign.”

Before concluding he added, “The monarchy to a large extent is an accretion, it accretes, it sort of acquires things and sheds things.”

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