Brie Larson becomes Jennifer Lopez’s fangirl at Golden Globes

ennifer Lopez reacts to Brie Larson’s emotional tribute to her at the 2024 Golden Globe as the pair meets for the first time

Brie Larson becomes Jennifer Lopez’s fangirl at Golden Globes

At the 2024 Golden Globe Award, Jennifer Lopez was left overwhelmed when Brie Larson emotionally swooned over her storied career.

Reflecting on the sweet moment, The Mother actress told Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, “It brings tears to my eyes now because it’s very moving, because you give your heart and soul to this when you’re an artist.”

“I remember being a little girl and watching West Side Story and seeing Rita Moreno and knowing wlhat that meant for me,” the 54-year-old said.

She noted, “When I was looking at Brie and I saw her and I was just staring in her eyes because she was so locked in with me and just [was] like, ‘I have wanted to tell you this for so long.'”

Jennifer’s response came after the Marvel star fangirl moment with the pop icon went viral at the Golden Globes.

“Oh my God. I’m gonna cry,” Brie said. “I can’t deal with J.Lo. You mean to much to me,” the actress told the On the Floor singer after composing herself.

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